Self-lubricating compounds

Self-lubricating compounds

The Silspek Rubber range also includes black and colored rubber compounds, which, thanks to appropriately selected components, create a permanent lubricating film on the surface. Just a few minutes after the vulcanization process is complete, a delicate, almost invisible sliding layer forms on the surface of the article.

Our range of self-lubricating compounds has found wide application wherever it is desirable to reduce the coefficient of friction (e.g. rotors, rubber-metal bearings, sealing and scraper rings, etc.).

Since the intensity and the course of the above process can be largely controlled, the compounds are also extremely suitable for rubber-metal compounds. The slip and other physical and mechanical parameters can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

Self-lubricating mixtures from Silspek Rubber are also characterized by less abrasion and very good processing properties.

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