Rolling & calendering compounds

We provide rolling and calendering services for elastomer compounds

Rolling service

We can subject both rubber and silicone mixtures to the rolling process. The offer also applies to mixtures that were not produced in our factory.

The rolling service is priced individually. To receive the relevant offer, please contact our sales office.

Calendering of silicone compounds

The calendering process is currently dedicated exclusively to silicone compounds. Work is currently underway to expand this service, including rubber compounds.

The option of calendering silicone compounds allows us to achieve a thickness of up to about 0.9 mm. Naturally, the final thickness is determined by the properties of the mixture itself and the type of undercoat – separating material, which can be both fabric and film.

The service is priced individually and also applies to silicone mixtures that were not produced by Silspek Rubber.

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