Laboratory tests

A professionally equipped laboratory and experienced laborers

Supplementary tests of elastomer compounds

At your request, Silspek Rubber can carry out paid supplementary tests of selected elastomer compound. Tests can be carried out both based on the material of our production and entrusted to external production.

Thanks to the professionally equipped laboratory and experience of our laborers, we can successively carry out even the most demanding orders.

Below we present the scope of selected analyzes that are included in the offer range of our laboratory. If you are looking for specific tests, please contact our sales office to determine the details of the test.

L.PMethodInstrumentTest description / parameter measuredNorms
1Determination of the course of vulcanization using a non-rotating vulcanometer
TA Instruments MDR One S'max, S'min, T10, T50, T90PN-ISO 6502:2007P
2Mooney viscosity determination
MonTechML viscosity (in Mooney degrees)PN-ISO 289–1 : 2007
3Characteristics of elastomers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after crosslinking, using RPA rheometerTA Instruments RPA FLEXTC10, TC50, TC90, S’min, S’max, G’, G”, G*, S’, S”, S*, tan δ, η’, η”, η*PN-ISO 6502:2007P, ISO 13145
4Determination of tensile strength properties - type 1Zwick Roell Test Controll IIsmax, sR eR s50 s100PN-ISO 37 : 2007
5Determination of tear strength (Method B, procedure a - angular sample without score)Zwick Roell ZO.5Ts, FmaxPN-ISO 34-1:2007
6Determination of rubber hardness by the Shore methodAutomatic Hardness Shore GibitreShore A, D, 00ISO 7619-1:2010
7Determination of rubber hardness by IRHD methodAutomatic Hardness IRHD GibitreIRHD metoda N, H, L, MicroISO 48:2010
8Determination of abrasion resistance
Abrasion Check GibitreRelative volume loss D Vrel
PN-ISO 4649
9Determination of permanent deformation after compression (Type B sample)CS [%]PN-ISO 815 : 1998
10Determination of elasticity on reflection by the Schob methodDigi test Resilience-Elastticity Tester firmy Bareiss[%]PN-C-04255:1997
11Density determination
DENSIMETER, Gibitrer [g/cm3]PN-ISO 2781+AC1 : 1996
12Determination of resistance to liquids *Block Oven f. Gibitre, autoklawy7- determination of weight change, - determination of volume change - determination of hardness change, - change of tensile strengthPN-ISO 1817 : 2001
13Determination of resistance to accelerated heat agingMemmert dryertests of properties as needed (range from 30 to 300OC)
PN-ISO 188:2000P
14Determination of conductivityMilli- und TeraOhmmeter Milli TO3 / Verpolelektode 4P1 Fischer Elektronikvolume resistance surface resistancePN-ISO 2878:1994
15Determination of fragility at low temperatureLow Temperature Check Gibitrebrittle temperaturePN-ISO 812:1999
16Determination of retraction temperature (TR Test)Low Temperature Check GibitreTR TEST TR10, TR30, TR50, TR70, TRxISO 2921 :2011
17Determination of flammability by the oxygen index methodOxygen Index, Fire Testing TechnologyOi oxygen index [% vol]PN-EN ISO 4589-1:1996, EN ISO 4589-2:1999
18Fire hazard study. Test flame test method 50W with horizontal and vertical orientation of the sampleChamber UL94, Fire Testing TechnologyV-0, V-1, V- 2PN-EN 60695-11-10
19Fire hazard study. 500W flame test methodChamber UL94, Fire Testing Technology5VA, 5VBPN-EN 60695-11-20
20Determination of ozone cracking resistanceOzone Check, Gibitretests for static deformation according to procedures A, B, CPN-ISO 1431-1:2007
21Filling dispersion analysisDisperTester 3000, MontechAssessment of agglomerate / aggregate size and determination of the degree of dispersion of fillers in mixtures and vulcanizates.ISO 11345
22Examination of rheological properties of elastomers, simulation of processes related to extrusion, injection moldingCapillary rheometer INSTRON CEAST SR50determination of pressure and temperature dependence (pVT), measurement of shear viscosity,ISO 11443:2014, ISO 17744 (pr?by pVT)
23Determination of density using a helium pycnometer
Pycnomatic, Thermo Scientific,determination of real density of solids, granules, powders as well as pastes and liquids with high viscosity.PN-ISO 2781+AC1 : 1996

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